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First Day Experience

The First Day Experience for Supervisors/Sponsors

20 Steps in support of a Successful First Day

Remember your first days on the job? Those initial experiences have gone a long way in determining how quickly you became an effective, fully contributing member of our workforce.

Now, it's your turn to ensure that your new employee’s first days on the job provides a successful launch to their career. It is critically important that you provide them with the foundational tools, resources, and organizational perspective that ensure their rapid inclusion within our workforce and our NASA culture.

Standards for the First Day Experience

The following standards are intended to communicate in our words, actions, processes, and appearance---that Safety, the NASA Family, Excellence, and Integrity are what we value. They also intended to create the excitement and belief that... “Wow, this is going to be a great place to work!”  New employees will be electronically surveyed to see if we meet the following standards.

  1. One working day prior to arrival—the NASA Sponsor or Supervisor contacts the new employee to offer assistance and ensure that they are prepared to report for work. Check to make sure they bring the appropriate forms on their first day.
  2. At least one working day prior to arrival---notify the new employee’s co-workers in the immediate organization that the new employee will be reporting for work. Encourage them to welcome the employee and offer their assistance.
  3. At least one working day prior to arrival, Security and Safety is reminded of the planned arrival of the new or transferring employee.
  4. Security welcomes the new employee and provides an employee badge, map, safety and parking instructions, and directions to the inprocessing location. Security demonstrates a welcoming and professional attitude towards the new employee.
  5. If possible, the NASA Sponsor or Supervisor should meet the new employee at Security and provide an escort to the in-processing location.
  6. The inprocessing location is in an attractive, comfortable setting with appropriate materials and resources to efficiently and quickly complete the inprocessing.
  7. The person conducting the in-processing should be knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and dressed professionally. The person should demonstrate a positive, welcoming attitude toward the new employees.
  8. New employee is sworn in, in an appropriate setting and appropriate ceremony.
  9. Person responsible for in-processing assists the new employee in completing the necessary forms to facilitate the process. The NASA Shared Services Center is contacted to answer additional questions if necessary.
  10. Once the in-processing is complete, a representative from the organization meets the employee and provides an escort to their new work location.
  11. Employee is provided an initial safety briefing.
  12. Employee is familiarized with office area and facilities including restrooms, building exits, cafeterias, ATM machines, etc.
  13. The new employee is provided with the following items either at their work location/office or at orientation.
    1. Desk and chair
    2. Computer, user ID/ temp password, Email address
    3. Welcoming emails from their new coworkers, management chain, and key personnel.
    4. Phone and assigned phone number
    5. Office, phone, and PC should also be prepared to meet any special accommodations.
    6. Including welcome letter, face to face, or video from the Center Director
    7. Organization chart showing the new employees position in the organization.
    8. List of useful contacts with phone number/email address. Include Supervisor, Sponsor, Administrative Officer, human resources specialist, benefits specialist, and relocation/travel contact.
    9. Center, Agency, Space Flight Awareness materials including NASA lapel pin, photo, cups etc. should be provided. Also, information regarding available Center services.
  14. The NASA Sponsor or Supervisor is available on the first day to welcome the new employee into the organization and introduce them to their management chain and other key personnel. If the Sponsor or Supervisor is not available, an alternate is designated.
  15. The Supervisor lets the employee know that in the coming days that they will discuss their job, their organization, performance expectations, and their developmental goals. Also the Supervisor ensures that they understand how their work fits into NASA’s and Center’s mission and goal.
  16. The NASA Sponsor or Supervisor ensures that the new employee is given a lunch break and accompanies them if appropriate.
  17. The employee participates in required Center First day activities.
  18. The NASA Sponsor or Supervisor gets the new employee involved in meetings, projects, tours, and organization activities—right away.
  19. The NASA Sponsor or Supervisor review the “ 20 Steps for a Successful First Day ” with the employee.
  20. The NASA Sponsor or Supervisor schedules regular meetings for the first 30 days to monitor their transition to the Center community.
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