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NASA Core Values
From the Strategic Management and Government Handbook, NPD 1000.0A, August 2008

NASA is privileged to take on missions of extraordinary risk, complexity, and national priority. NASA employees recognize their responsibilities and are accountable for the important work entrusted to them. If good strategic planning provides the long-term direction of our Agency, our shared core values express the ethics that guide our behavior.

We value:

Safety - NASA’s constant attention to safety is the cornerstone upon which we build mission success. We are committed, individually and as a team, to protecting the safety and health of the public, our team members, and those assets that the Nation entrusts to the Agency.

Excellence - To achieve the highest standards in engineering, research, operations, and management in support of mission success, NASA is committed to nurturing an organizational culture in which individuals make full use of their time, talent, and opportunities to pursue excellence in both the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Teamwork - NASA’s most powerful tool for achieving mission success is a multi-disciplinary team of diverse competent people across all NASA Centers. Our approach to teamwork is based on a philosophy that each team member brings unique experience and important expertise to project issues. Recognition of and openness to that insight improves the likelihood of identifying and resolving challenges to safety and mission success. We are committed to creating an environment that fosters teamwork and processes that support equal opportunity, collaboration, continuous learning, and openness to innovation and new ideas.

Integrity - NASA is committed to maintaining an environment of trust, built upon honesty, ethical behavior, respect, and candor. Our leaders enable this environment by encouraging and rewarding a vigorous, open flow of communication on all issues, in all directions, among all employees without fear of reprisal. Building trust through ethical conduct as individuals and as an organization is a necessary component of mission success.

Mission success requires uncompromising commitment to:
Safety, Excellence, Teamwork, and Integrity.

NASA Core Values
NASA is committed to a core set of values in everything it does.




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