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Kennedy - Quality of Work Life
Employee Development
Health Services
Family Friendly Serevices
Kennedy Environment
Community Involvement


There are many things that contribute to the quality of our worklife at Kennedy Space Center.  Beyond the valuable work that we do, there are programs, activities and other amenities that help us balance our work and personal lives, develop our careers, and generally enhance our work experience.  The Quality of Worklife (QWL) initiative was launched to foster such amenities and to assure that all employees are aware of all the special things that Goddard has to offer.


  • Academic/Tuition Assistance
  • Annual Leave/Vacation
  • Annual Salary
  • Annual Salary Increases & Locality Pay
        Salaries and Wages
        Locality Pay Rates
  • Cash Awards
  • Cost of Living Increases for Retirees
  • Family Leave
  • Health Benefits
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • On-the-spot Awards
  • Recruitment/Retention/Relocation Bonuses/Student Loan Program>
  • Retirement
  • Sick Leave
  • Thrift Savings Plan
  • Time-off Awards
  • Transportation Subsid

Employee Development

  • Academic/Tuition Assistance
  • Accelerated Training Program (ATP)
  • Career Development/Career Counseling
  • Co-op Program
  • Federal Career Intern Program
  • Kennedy Graduate Fellowship Program
  • Kennedy Undergraduate Study Program
  • Leadership Excellence Achievement Program
  • Linkage Series
  • Mentoring/Coaching
  • Professional Development Program (PDP)
  • Professional Intern Program (PIP)
  • Project Management Development Program (PMDP)
  • Training and Developm

Health Services

  • Adapted Physical Activity Program
  • Blood Drives
        Florida Blood Centers
        American Red Cross
  • Flexible Leave Program
  • Health Benefits Program
  • Health and Fitness Center
  • Health and Safety Training Programs
        Various Health and Safety Training courses are available to both civil servant and contractor employees
  • Leave Donor Program
  • Massage Therapy
  • Personal Trainer Program
  • Physical Fitness Programs
  • RehabWorks Program
        Free and convenient means of receiving rehabilitation services by Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainers (ATC/L)
  • Routine and Emergency Medical Services
  • Sports & Exercise Clubs
  • Wellness Seminars

Family Friendly Services

  • Child Development Center
  • Employee Assistance Program
    The Employee Assistance Program deals with a wide range of problems that might be affecting your job performance or overall sense of well being including: alcohol or drug problems; marital or family problems; mental illness; interpersonal job-related problems; situation problems (death of relative or friend, end of relationship, etc.), or financial and/or legal problems.
  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Leave Programs
  • Special Family Care Programs
  • Telework

Kennedy Environment

  • Accommodation/Accessibility
  • ATM's
  • Cafeterias
  • Child Development Center
  • Credit Union
  • Discount Tickets
        Discount Tickets are available for various events through the NASA Exchange stores.
  • Equal Opportunity Advisory Committees
  • Fitness Facilities
        The Fitness Facility offers an array of services that include fitness assessments, individual exercise programs, monitoring of blood pressure, body fat evaluations and special programs. In addition, the Facility features a variety of physical fitness equipment including Monarch bicycles, a cross-country ski machine, concept rowers, sit-up boards, treadmills, a Universal-type weight station, free-weights, and dumbbells. The Facility is available to all KSC/CCAFS employees who have had a stress test and physical examination within the prior 6 months.
  • Free Parking
        Free Parking is available at all Buildings at both Kennedy and CCAFS Facilities.
  • NASA Exchange Clubs & Social Activities
  • Health Units
  • Library (Greenbelt and Wallops)
        The Library in provides scientific and technological information gathered and recorded by NASA Headquarters, all NASA field installations, and contractors. The library, located in HQ Building, is open to all KSC employees for reference work and for circulation of materials.
  • Model Airplane Airstrip (Greenbelt)
  • NASA Gift Shops
  • Picnic Pavilion (KARS PARKS)
    The Kennedy Space Center has a covered pavilion located adjacent to the recreation area that facilitates volleyball, horse shoes, and softball. The pavilion is available for cook-outs, picnics, and other social gatherings.
  • Post Offices
  • Recreation Center
  • Running Trails
  • Snack Bars/Vending Machines
        Sponsored by KSC and located in most buildings throughout the Center.
  • Soccer Fields
  • Softball Fields
  • Tennis Courts
  • Travel Service

Community Involvement

  • Blood Drives
        Florida Blood Centers
        American Red Cross
  • Career Days (External)
        Employees are invited to visit schools to discuss career opportunities available at the Kennedy Space Center
  • Charitable Drives.
  • Educator Resource Center
        This Center provides NASA educational materials to educators for grades Kindergarten through 12.
  • Facility Tours     
  • Bring Your Kids to Work Day
  • Leave Donor Program
  • Mission Patches, Posters
        The Center provides patches and posters to illustrate the various accomplishments of the Agency.
  • Science Fair Judging
        Employees of the Kennedy Space Center are requested to participate as judges for various science fairs held at local schools in the community.
  • Speaker’s Bureau
  • Student Mentoring   
  • Summer Student Mentoring   
  • Tutoring
        Employees volunteer to assist students in the community who need assist with certain subject matters.
  • Visitor’s Centers

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